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Pitfalls of Job Search

Looking for a job is a job itself. While most people think landing the right job is being at the right place at the right time, it is more than just attributing it to the alignment of cosmic stars. Searching for a job needs to be a carefully planned and executed strategy and many seekers end up making serious mistakes while never even realising it. Sometimes, even the smartest talent overlooks potential pitfalls resulting in unproductive job searches. To avoid mistakes not just in job search but also in resumes; interviews; salary negotiation, you can access Monster’s repository of career articles.
So what are the mistakes that can jeopardise the hunt for the right job?
No Professional Networking 
Being out of sight is being out of mind. It is said that people find jobs through people they know, rather than through just advertisements. Not professionally networking or under-utilizing your network means immediately shrinking the pool of people who will mention opportunities, give inside information, solicit your resume, give a reference or just put you in touch with the right person at the right time. So network continuously even if you do not want to make a move. Make new contacts and maintaining old ones as they are often opening windows for job doors for later.
Being on Mobile or Online Absentee 
With mobile apps & online portals, job search has dramatically changed and being an absentee in the mobile and online world is equivalent to almost not being available in the job market. Today, it is not just about presence with a resume. It is also about constantly upgrading information in resume and profile by sharing achievements, skill sets while targeting potential recruiters. 
Not Managing your Job Search 
Surprisingly, some of the most effective job searches are those which have less to do with actually searching and applying for jobs but more to do with positioning yourself to job hunts by tapping resources which could expedite the job hunt. It means managing the job search by taking control of it with updated profile information on job portals, tapping career networks and taking the right professional help. 
Not Using Mobile app
Luckily, today technology not only simplifies targeted scouting and consolidating information with one touch applications but also helps to get noticed. Not taking the advantages of technology means getting lost in the heap of seeker information. So use the mobile apps for job search to be better prepared in interviews.
Not Taking Professional Help
If one hires an architect to build a house so why not hire professional help to build a career? Professionals like career coaches provide objective guidance by helping to think out of the box, identify core skills and the right job fit. The advice of professional recruiters often widens career prospects, helps in negotiating salary better making a job search immensely productive. 
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