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Mechanical Engineer Resume Sample and Writing Tips


For a Mechanical Engineer student to get an excellent job with high pay in tier 1 companies or MNCs’, they need to build an outstanding resume. The first thing that the recruiters will look into is the resume to recruit into the job. It speaks about your qualifications, areas that you excel in and skill set, etc. Before entering into the discussion, first, we need to know what the resume is? A resume is an official document that is 1 to 3 pages in length. It details your professional performance, qualifications, education scores, the experience of the work, etc. Every recruiter focuses on every bit of the resume before considering the job approval. This resume acts as a recruiter’s weapon to filter the candidates for job approval; by using this resume, only the recruiter will reject the candidates even considering the minute difference between the same qualification’s possessed candidates. 

Mechanical Engineer Resume Sections:

To impress the job recruiters, you should know what the resume consists of and what to craft. Before crafting the Mechanical Engineer Resume, the job seeker should first see each section of the resume. These sections in the resume communicate the critical information to the recruiters. As most recruiters will not spend much time analyzing the nook and corner of your resume, sometimes they will look at the essential sections to check whether they are eligible for the job and have the qualifications necessary for the job requirement. 

The Mechanical Engineer Resume Sections are:

Section- 1: Header of the resume

Section- 2: Personal information of the job seeker.

Section- 3: Job profile title

Section- 4: Summary

Section- 5: Key skills that the job seeker acquired which are required for the job approval.

Section- 6: Technical skills that the Mechanical Engineer should possess

Section- 7: Internship (for Mechanical Engineer Internship resumes) (or) Professional Experience (for Mechanical Engineer Professional Experience resume)

Section- 8: Education details of the job seeker such as GPA/ CGPA of all levels of education (10th, Intermediate, Under Graduation, Graduation, Post-Graduation). 

Section- 9: Any certifications (if acquired)

Section- 10: Projects that the Mechanical Engineer has done.

Section- 11: Training details of the job seeker

Section- 12: Any other additional qualifications possessed or any other additional information.

Mechanical Engineer Resume Examples:

(i) Mechanical Engineer Resume:

  • Personal details:  In this column, you have to include your official full name, your mail id, contact number (provide as many phone numbers as you own), your complete address, including pin code, and other social media links that you are actively using, and your webpage (if any). Before providing your details, ensure that all the details are correct.
  • Educational qualifications: In the educational qualification column, you have to mention all the academic qualifications you have acquired. You also have to say the GPA/ CGPA that you got in the respective years and the qualifications. About the Mechanical Engineer, the qualifications you have to mention are Bachelor of science and percentage, intermediate and percentage, and 10th percentage (if there is any post-graduation and any other educational qualifications then say those also). Along with the university name, course name, percentage acquired, you have to mention the number of years you have engaged in that course and from which year.
  • Skills: In the skills column, you have to mention the skills that you have possessed, but make sure that mentioned skills are related to the job description (recruiter will not consider and it will not be attractive to the recruiter if the skills that you have mentioned in the resume are not related to the job description). This column has to mention skills like teamwork, creativity, collaboration, attention to detail, problem-solving, etc.
  • Certifications/ Licenses: In this column, you have to mention that you have the Mechanical Engineer Licence. Also, say if you have any certifications related to Mechanical Engineering itself.
  • Career objective: Here, you have to write your career objective as a Mechanical Engineer. You have to mention in which part of Mechanical Engineering you have to excel. It will be more attractive if your career objective is related to the job you are applying for.
  • Work experience: You need to mention how many years of experience you have in that field, i.e., Mechanical Engineering. As you have mentioned that number of years of experience, it will be attractive to the recruiter if you have mentioned the companies (mention all the companies that you have worked in) that you have worked in. along with that also mention, from which year to which year that you have worked in that particular company. Also, it is essential to mention what you have done for that specific company, i.e., all the work you have engaged in, achievements and responsibilities, etc. 

The Mechanical engineering resume  is attached below: 


 (ii) Mechanical Design Engineer Resume:

  • Contact of the job seeker: Here the job seeker has to mention the all-personal contact details like email id (mail id that you are providing has to be the official one which means you should not use such mail id to for any purposes like other jobs and other business works), contact number (you should provide your contact number which is in use and which should have the good network. So that their curter may not feel any discomfort communicating with you. Also, you will not miss any job opportunities from the recruiter’s side), your residential address (should provide the residential address with a clear note. Here in the residential address column mention the area you live in, landmark, district, state, pin code, and country), website links of other social media profiles such as LinkedIn, etc. 
  • Career objective/ summary: In this objective career column, mention the area you excel in and have experience as a Mechanical Design Engineer. Also, note the designs that you have developed so far as a Mechanical Design Engineer.
  • Education qualifications: Mention all your educational qualifications right from your schooling to the graduation/ post-graduation. Mention every stage of your education like 10th, intermediate, B.Tech in Mechanical Design Engineering, post-graduation (if any). Also, mention the period of each step, percentage/ GPA/ CGPA that you have scored in every stage, and place of the institution you have studied.
  • Skills: Provide the skills that you have acquired as a Mechanical Design Engineer such as critical thinking in making the designs, computer knowledge, language that you are fluent in, manufacturing, combined effort, communication, invention, attentiveness, and teamwork, etc. But make sure that the skills you have possessed should match the job description.
  • Mechanical Design Engineering Licences/ Certifications: Mention the license you have, such as the Mechanical Design Engineer license/ Professional Engineer license. Apart from the license, mention the other certifications you have possessed as a Mechanical Design Engineer. Make sure that the certificates should be according to the job description.
  • Academic projects: Provide the academic projects that you have enrolled in for excelling in the designing as a Mechanical Design Engineer such as design and manufacturing, product process engineering, insight technology, etc. 
  • Work experience: Mention your work experience in a total number of years. Along with that, provide the work experience details in clear like mention the company name that you have worked before and the period (from which year to which year), area of the company, and also mention the fields of work that you are engaged in (mention all the work that you have done in that particular company crisply and clearly, as the recruiter will not read the lengthy descriptions). You have to mention the areas of work as a Mechanical Design Engineer such as drawing packages, installation of checklists, programming of the mechanical equipment installations, implementation of the software of the mechanical systems for the automation equipment, etc. 
  • Hard skills: Mention the hard skills that you are excelled in as a mechanical engineer such as manufacturing production design, material handling layout, equipment installation layouts, lean manufacturing, workflow developments, auto CAD, technical report writing, budgeting, product testing, research, etc.
  • Soft skills: Mention your soft skills in the resume such as communication, time management, etc. 

How Mechanical Design Engineer Resume works: 

The skill section will play a big role in the Mechanical Engineer Resume. The Mechanical Engineering designing skills such as Designing, constructing, prototyping, etc will change your resume to an offer letter. Additionally, the certifications and the degree that you acquire will also play a major role as to get into the Mechanical Design Engineer job, recruiter will look into whether you have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Degree in Design Engineering or not? Based on that the recruiter will filter the applicants. Also, if you have any additional certifications in six sigma, PMP, and LEED they do mention those to impress the recruiter.

Mechanical Design Engineering Resume example is given below:

(iii) Mechanical Engineer internship Resume:

Mechanical Engineer Internship Resume is for the students who want to intern in the top companies to gain practical knowledge regarding Mechanical Engineering. In some cases even the graduated persons will also apply for the internships to gain practical knowledge, exposure to the Mechanical Engineering world, experience, etc. 

You should include the following details in the Mechanical Engineer Resume for internship:

  • Personal contact details: Provide Name, contact number, official mail id, social media links, residential address.
  • Work experience: Mention the companies that you have already interned in along with the time period and work that you have learned.
  • Educational qualifications: Mention the High school (name, percentage, area, time period), Graduation, post-graduation.
  • Skills: Provide the skills that you have possess.
  • Achievements: Mention all the achievements that you got as the recruiter will mainly consider your achievements and the area in which you are rewarded. 
  • Activities you are engaged in
  • To get into the top companies as a Mechanical Engineering Intern, you have to build your resume very well so that you can get into the Mechanical Engineering job very easily.

 How Mechanical Engineer Internship Resume works: 

Generally, most of the students applying for the Mechanical Engineering Internship in the reputed companies do not have the required experience in that field. So, to get the attention of the hiring person to get into the company as an intern, you have to mention the non-mechanical engineering qualities instead. Based upon your efficiency, innovativeness in the non-mechanical engineering areas, that recruiter will give you a chance to enter into the company as a mechanical engineering intern.  Make your cover letter, resume objective, and skill section impressive to impress the recruiter. 

Mechanical Engineer internship Resume is attached below:

(iv) Mechanical Project Engineer Resume:

You should include the following details in the Mechanical Engineering Project Resume:

  • Personal contact details
  • Work experience as Mechanical Project Engineer
  • Career objective/ summary
  • Educational qualifications
  • Certifications/ Mechanical Project Engineer License
  • Required skills
  • Personal contact details
  • Work experience as Mechanical Project Engineer
  • Career objective/ summary
  • Educational qualifications
  • Certifications/ Mechanical Project Engineer License
  • Required skills.

How Mechanical Project Engineer Resume works: 

As said above, you should mention the projects you have worked on in the Mechanical Project Engineer Resume, but make sure that the skills you have mentioned in the resume should be only related to the job description. Generally, recruiters will filter the resumes according to the job seekers’ project skills, which should match the required skills for the job. By mentioning only the project skills, you have a strong command of those needed for the job and will get the recruiters attention. In addition, by doing so, your Mechanical Project Engineer Resume will become more vital to get into the position. Also, manage your Mechanical Project Engineer Resume maximum to one page so that it may not look irritating to the recruiter to find out what exactly he/she is looking for in the resume, and don’t make your resume clumsy by including all your achievements rather make it limit to the relevant achievements only. 

Mechanical Project Engineer Resume sample is attached below:


(v) Mechanical Engineer Fresher/ Entry level Resume:

 You should include the following details in the Mechanical Engineering Fresher/ Entry level Resume

  • Personal details
  • Address
  • Career objective/ summary
  • Educational qualifications
  • Course work: Mention the course work that you are enrolled in and excelled in as a Mechanical Engineer such as engineering graphics, thermodynamics, mechanical designs, thermodynamics, computer skills and programming, heat transfer, etc.
  • work experience
  • Memberships: Mention the institutions that you have membership in as a Mechanical Engineer.

How Mechanical Project Engineer Resume works: 

For the freshers who are applying for the Mechanical Engineering post generally does not have any experience in the past in that field, in that case, you should mention your past achievements in the field of Mechanical Engineering such as your previous experience in managing the tasks, multi-tasking teamwork, playing a lead role, and other your innovations and achievements.

Mechanical Project Engineer Resume sample is given below:

(vi) Mechanical Engineer Resume for Experience:

 You should include the following details in the Mechanical Engineering Resume for Experience:

Mechanical Engineer Resume for Experience examples are attached below:


What is the best format for a Mechanical Engineer Resume?

Type of format that the job seeker uses in the resume is also important to get the recruiter’s attention. You need to think wise before opting for the format of the Mechanical Engineer Resume. 

Below given are the best formats for the Mechanical Engineer resume:

1. Reverse Chronological Mechanical Engineer Resume Format: It is opposite to the Chronological resume, where all the sections are labelled chronologically. But here, in this resume your work experience and career accomplishments are labelled above all and the remaining sections will be labelled in order.

2. Functional Mechanical Engineer Resume Format/Skill-based resume: This type of resume mainly focuses on your key skills and abilities; it will not mostly consider the work experience of the candidate. Generally, this kind of resume will be beneficial to the freshers who do not have any working experience.

3. Hybrid/ Combination Mechanical Engineer Resume Format: This type of resume is a combination of both chronological and functional resumes.

Reverse Chronological Mechanical Engineer Resume is the most common and best resume format used by Mechanical engineers. Hybrid/ Combination Mechanical Engineer Resume Format works if you want to switch companies. 

Writing tips:

The following are the Mechanical Engineering writing tips for the mechanical engineering job/ internship applicants, they are:

1. Start mechanical engineering resume with a convincing resume objective:  Making the strong resume objective will make the best impression to fly in the mechanical engineering world. You have briefed your work experience level, job title, desired role, other qualifications, and career goals to make a strong resume objective.

2. Writing tips regarding the mechanical engineer resume summary section: The mechanical engineer resume summary mainly focuses on the hard and soft skills possessed by the applicant, and also focuses on the work experience of the job seeker. Highlight your skills and experience which are relevant to your job description. It will be attractive to the recruiter if you mention your area of interest in the mechanical engineering field and training experience in this summary section. Possibly summarise all your past working areas and years of experience to make it even more attractive to the job hirer. Design your resume in a way to make sure that your contribution to the work will reach the recruiter through the resume. Finally, use the action words in the summary and skill sections.

3. Mention relevant hard skills: As all the mechanical engineers possess software skills, recruiters will be looking for the hard skills (which the mechanical engineers should also know) to filter the candidates who applied for the job role. So, you have to mention and highlight the hard skills that you have possessed to get the attention of the recruiter to stand out among the crowd of applicants. ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is the programmer developed to filter the job applicants, to pass the ATS hard skills are the main criteria to work. 

4. Labelling your achievements with the hard number: Labelling your accomplishments with hard numbers in the mechanical engineering resume will be very eye catchy to the recruiter. It is just quantifying your accomplishments by mentioning the hard numbers. To say, mention that you have worked with the 15 members team in developing the new project. Also, you can mention the percentages of the outcome. While highlighting the hard skills don’t forget to mention the soft skills, because even those skills also play a very important role in filtering the candidates. 

5. Change the mechanical engineering resume format: If you switch or change the mechanical engineering job from one company to another company, then it is advisable to change the resume format. It is better to choose the reverse chronological resume format for switching the job.

6. Mention technical skills: Your resume should mention the technical skills separately with the heading hard skills and soft skills. So that recruiter can identify your capabilities in one view.

7. Add action and relevant keywords: Adding the action and relevant keywords in the mechanical engineering resume will communicate the whole resume in 2 or 3 keywords to the recruiter. Make sure to mention the keywords that are relevant to the job description because some recruiters will look into the keywords themselves to filter the candidates.

8. Format the mechanical engineering resume well by choosing the relevant mechanical engineering resume format.

9. Focus on the job requirements: While formatting the resume and adding the suitable sections, make sure that add only those sections and qualifications which are relevant to the job description. Even though you have possessed various accomplishments and qualifications, do not mention all of them, just mention the relevant qualifications only according to the job description. 

10. Writing tips to make a mechanical engineer resume with zero work experience:

  • Mention in the resume the areas that you have worked in the last couple of years that are related to mechanical engineering works such as mechanical engineering internships, mechanical engineering projects, volunteer works related to mechanical engineering. 
  • Mention all your mechanical engineering projects, inventions, accomplishments, and activities, briefly summarise all the above.
  • Highlight your mechanical engineering experience in 2 to 3 lines.
  • For the zero-work experience mechanical engineering job applicants, it is preferable to choose the Reverse Chronological resume format which highlights the skill set rather than work experience.


The recruiter’s table will be piled up with hundreds of mechanical engineering job seeker’s resumes. To get filtered your resume and get selected from the top companies you have to develop your mechanical engineering resume attractively. The above-mentioned mechanical engineering resume samples and the writing tips will help you to make your resume impressive to the recruiters. 


Q.1) What are the non-technical skills that a mechanical engineer should possess?

  • Problem – solving skills
  • Working in a team
  • Awareness
  • Communication skills

 Q.2) Why should one become a mechanical engineer?

It is a career path that opens doors to opportunities globally and is a growing sector.

 Q.3) What certifications are required to pursue a career in mechanical engineering?

The certifications are:

  • Certified Manufacturing Engineer
  • Certified Reliability and Maintenance Technician

 Q.4) Is there a need to have knowledge of programming languages?

It is not mandatory to have knowledge of programming languages but can be learnt for self interest.

 Q.5) Is mechanical engineering more of a desk job or field work?

It is more of a desk job.

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