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Marketing Associate Job Description

Planning and implementing marketing and advertising activities is the responsibility of an associate in a marketing position. Their knowledge of marketing is comprehensive, and they are well-versed in market research methods and client behaviour. A marketing associate job is to gather data, make predictions about trends, and gauge consumer happiness. Advertising and marketing agencies of all sizes employ the vast majority of market associates. As a marketing associate, you’ll also be responsible for preparing sales reports and advertising materials, working with the sales team for promotional events, reviewing client satisfaction, and managing administrative chores as required. In addition to having strong interpersonal skills, marketing associates should respond quickly and effectively to customer enquiries and concerns.

Marketing Associate Job Description | What Do Marketing Associates Do?

What does a sales marketing associate do?

  • Companies use sales and marketing associates to coordinate their many sales, marketing, and advertising efforts. 
  • Among their many responsibilities is helping to create effective marketing materials, putting together sales proposals, and keeping tabs on various sales and marketing Key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Customers’ feedback, participation in trade exhibitions, and promotional activities are among the duties of the sales and marketing associate. 
  • Researching the products and services, price, and success of your competitors should also be possible.
  • You should anticipate customer needs and stay on top of industry developments if you are in a marketing associate job. In the end, a top-performing sales and marketing associate should always display great analytical, communication, and time management skills.

What is the role of a marketing associate?

The samples of responsibilities from a genuine marketing associate job show what they are expected to do on a daily basis.

  • Manage a LinkedIn marketing campaign (creating lists, reaching out to potential buyers, writing/editing messages, etc.).
  • Analyze your website’s performance with Google Analytics and use keywords and content to match your site’s position in the search results.
  • Increase your Twitter following and engagement by implementing a fresh social media strategy and voice.
  • You’ll be responsible for leading a group of marketing experts who will deliver customized program messages across the whole distribution chain, from the point of sale to consumer materials.
  • Learn about the industry and look for potential growth areas.

Overview of the sales marketing associate job profile and duties

  • The candidate’s profile might encompass a wide range of responsibilities that are important to the marketing industry.
  •  In some companies, associates spend most of their time working in marketing analytics, copywriting, or developing new marketing tactics.
  • Writing skills are one of the most critical requirements. Marketers often develop ad text and strategy plans. Therefore excellent written communication skills are a must.  
  • They maintain relationships with clients that endure a lifetime.
  • Incorporate a new analytics methodology to generate strategic insights, answer critical business issues, and produce ROI estimates for promotional initiatives.
  • Producing great advertising material for the company’s products and services by collaborating with the marketing design and content marketing teams.

Responsibilities of a marketing assistant job

Marketing trends and chances for growth and developing white papers and case studies are some of the responsibilities of successful hiring. In addition, you’ll be responsible for delivering presentations to the marketing and sales teams, as well as assisting them with administrative tasks.

  • Assisting the marketing manager, as well as other departments, and outside parties, in developing a marketing strategy.
  • Assisting in identifying marketing trends and major innovation opportunities, as per the same responsibility in marketing associate job.
  • Learning and using various digital marketing software applications.
  • White papers, case studies, and presentations for marketing purposes & giving a speech.
  • Maintaining a database for marketing purposes, administrative assistance to the marketing and sales staff.
  • Document preparation, formatting, and editing. An understanding of the product and brand of a corporation.
  • Market study to incorporate the marketing strategies.
  • Analyzing surveys and other types of customer input.
  • Monitor and report on the activity of your competitors in the field of marketing and sales.

Employment prerequisites for a marketing associate job

  • A bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or a related discipline is required for employment. If you have an MBA, that will give you extra mileage.
  • Administrative or sales and marketing assistant experience are needed here.
  • Become familiar with a number of computer-related tasks.
  • Excel, Word, and Outlook are examples of Microsoft products that you should be proficient at using.
  • You should be proficient at using MS Office, i.e. Excel, Word, and Outlook. 
  • Having the ability to operate effectively both as part of a team and as an independent individual.
  • Experience in relevant work and internship.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication.
  • One of the prime criteria of a marketing associate job is experience in Digital marketing.
  • Use customer data to track demographic shifts and identify new ways to extend your client base.
  • Press releases and announcements about new product launches and other developments in the company should be prepared.
  • Check your colleagues’ marketing copy for good grammar and style, as well as accept constructive criticism from others on your own work to improve your own writing.
  • Another important prerogative to have a marketing associate job is expertise in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Marketing associate salary in a marketing associate job

The annual pay of INR 4,50,734 (about $45,000) is the norm for Marketing Associates in India.  It depends on the specific city, location, industry and education of the candidate.

  • In India, the average salary for a marketing associate is INR 4,50,000
  • A marketing associate’s hourly rate is $21.76.
  • The starting wage for an entry-level marketing associate is INR 32,000.
  • Finance, retail, and technology are the three industries that pay the most for marketing associate jobs.

Essential skills for your resume and career in marketing associate job

Customer care and service

All current and potential customers are served via customer service, which includes answering questions, resolving issues, and providing outstanding service. In order to keep consumers coming back for more business, customer service aims to create a solid relationship with them.

Using Powerpoint slides

Powerpoint is a Microsoft-created tool that allows users to generate slides containing vital material for presentations. Schools and companies are the primary users of this software. As a presentation tool, it is widely used and regarded as a “gold standard.”

Good communication skills.

Messages of any kind can be exchanged through communication. Therefore, running a business successfully necessitates having employees who are fluent communicators.

Customer Relation Management 

CRM’s primary objective is to find the proper customers for a company’s product and then meet their needs in order to boost sales and revenue.

Why pursue a career as in a marketing associate job?

You’ll learn how to be diplomatic in your approach through a combination of commercial awareness and insights into different personality types. This is incredibly beneficial in your career in a marketing associate job and all other aspects of your life.

How to become a sales marketing associate?

Successful marketing analysts have a strong background in math and statistics and a strong sense of creativity, and the ability to solve complex problems.


A lot of people don’t realize just how much work goes into a marketing career. With the advancement of technology, so have businesses and their goods and the people who use them. People in a Marketing associate job as a marketing professional must be flexible in their approach. Multiple areas of the organization might benefit from a marketer’s efforts. These include media and public relations as well as website experience and search engine optimization(SEO).

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