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How to quit your job without burning bridges

Whether you’re switching gears to explore a better opportunity, taking a break to spend time with your loved ones or breaking free simply because you’re unhappy, quitting your current job is a huge step.

The way you leave is how you’ll be remembered, so here’s how you can quit your job without burning bridges at your current workplace:

Pick your moment carefully
While you may be enthusiastic about starting the next phase of your life as soon as possible, be mindful of your team’s time. You don’t want to be remembered as the person who bailed last minute and derailed the team’s progress. Do your best to time the announcement of your resignation so that you aren’t exiting in the middle of a project. 

Tell your manager first
The first and most crucial step is breaking the news to your manager. Even if your boss is the very reason you’re quitting the job, you don’t want them hearing about it from someone else. This is a conversation you are likely dreading, but absolutely need to have, and it’s always best to do this in-person.

Provide some context
While you don’t have to share every detail of the next company you’re joining or the big startup idea you have, it’s best to share a brief insight into why you made the decision to leave. You don’t want rumours flying around about why you quit, so it’s best to be upfront about your next steps in order to give some context. Keep it clear, concise and as diplomatic as possible.

Aid the transition
Your team will likely need someone to step into your shoes, so offer to help them find a replacement. Whether they choose to recruit someone internally or hire someone new, be supportive. Help your successor ease into the job – communicate clearly with them, ensure that all your pending tasks are up to date and provide a proper handover document on existing projects.

Avoid trash talk
Whether you’re parting on good or bad terms, always maintain a positive tone. Even if you are leaving on an unhappy note due to poor working relationships or dissatisfaction with your job, do your best to be positive in your interactions with your soon-to-be-ex-colleagues.

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