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Hot Career! Create Mobile Content

The World of Mobile Content

Today, a suitable mobile phone device allows us to access an ever-widening range of things. Collectively known as mobile content, such things could be games, wallpapers, ringtones, videos, mobishows, news, maps, live TV, radio, music, and SMS-based services and applications or apps. Indeed, mobile content is increasingly matching anything that a laptop computer can do. The experts like to classify mobile content into three main categories: mobile entertainment, mobile apps and mobile games.

A Business and a Brand

India’s mobile phone subscriptions have grown phenomenally in the last decade to reach over 80 crore, a huge market for phone service providers as well as other companies to tap by investing in mobile content, such as games and videos. Often referred to as Value Added Services (VAS), such services help companies increase their revenues and improve their brand awareness.

It is quite a challenge for the companies to be able to make rich but memory-guzzling applications available on a small piece of hardware that a handset contains. A subscriber will not like to use an application that will take up the entire battery capacity in downloading just one page. And they may also like to have as many applications to run on their devices as possible. So companies now have dedicated R&D teams to create or adapt applications that will run smoothly on mobile devices.

Creativity is the Mantra

Mobile content is your field, if you like to create and experiment.

For any job here, you require a great attitude and the ability to conceptualise. Also valued is your ability to understand the medium and users and some general knowledge. If you have seen games having characters resembling a film star or a politician as the protagonist, you will know they are there because of their relevance to the present scenario.

The Job Arena

The mobile content industry has a place both for a programmer and a person with primarily artistic skills. An application begins with someone thinking about a concept which is then converted into a design. Features like movement of characters and sound are added to the design which is brought into action by a programmer. Before it reaches its final destination, a test run is conducted.

There is a wide variety of areas to work in. You can become a content writer, copywriter, scriptwriter, designer, audio and video production professional, voice rendition technician or programmer. The industry sees video and 3D content as its future and requires skills like radio jockeying, anchoring and videography. One can also start on one’s own by turning into an application owner, developer or distributor.


There are technical barriers, like deciding important elements of your application according to different sizes and types of mobile screens. You may also take time to even understand the mobile browsers. 

If you have a curiosity to explore this field of work, it is an exciting and challenging path to take. Tap into opportunities in mobile content today. 


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