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Home Buying Tips for Returning Residents

Relocating to your native place after living abroad requires prudence and planning, both personally and professionally.

Monster.com brings a list of very useful tips for managing a successful relocation back home.

1)      Buying a house is a long term investment, and if the property does not meet your requirement, you can feel irksome for years to come. Therefore coordinate the purchase in advance. Make a list of all the facilities suiting your lifestyle and family needs and the facilities you would like to have, to help estate agents find you the right property.

2)      Stay in step with the latest home buying trends and current culture in your ‘home’ city. Seek the guidance from family and friends. Share your requirements, apprehensions, and expectations and how they can be managed. More importantly, focus on the positive aspects about returning home, such as meeting old pals and spending time with relatives etc.

3)      Nowadays, you can easily search for houses online. With just a few clicks, you can search hundreds of online home listings in your preferred area, take virtual tours, and check the available photographs and aerial shots of neighborhoods. So by time you contact your real estate agent, you are already half done with your research.

4)      Choice of a house may also depend on the size of your family. For instance, if you’ve recently got married and are not looking forward to plan family in near future, you would perhaps like to go for 1BHK or 2BHK. Think carefully while planning your house as it’s a one-time investment that requires better planning.

5)      Find out the laws governing renting or purchasing a home in your native place as there can be changes in the existing laws since the time you have moved abroad. Detailed information regarding these laws can be obtained from a local lawyer or other legal specialist. You may also check the local government websites.

6)      Ask your family or friends to introspect the house, its location and condition for you till the time you come back. Don’t let your estate agent know about your actual arrival date as he may make fake arrangements for the mere sake of making you feel comfortable. Plan a surprise visit to the house you’re planning to buy to know its actual condition.

7)      You may give a specific power of attorney to someone here, so that in your absence, things like registration, possession, execution of rent agreement or sale agreement etc, can be taken care of with ease.

8)      Stay connected with your family back home via web cams, instant and text messaging to ease the transition.

Remember, choosing a home in your native country demands many things to take into consideration; therefore, you should not rush the process. Take your own time and find the house that is most apt for you.

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