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6 Online Jobs from Home for Writers

According to Google Trends, the search for online jobs from home is on the rise. And this seems natural.

At a time when the Coronavirus outbreak has forced people indoors and there is an apparent danger of job losses, job seekers are looking for safer job options. Most of the people are looking for jobs that allow them to work from the comfort of their homes.

Writers can take up various work home options. Writing is an important skill and it can offer you plenty of online jobs from home. If you want to take up content writing as a work from home job, you need to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Build your work profile
  • Create work samples
  • Network with your peers in the industry

Most of the work for a writer comes from online platforms and websites. Since writing could be about anything under the sun, it’s required that as a writer you are well-read and have a basic understanding of various writing styles and forms. You could be asked to write a copy for an advertisement, a slogan, a product description, an SEO write-up and a book review among others.

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Here are a few career options for writers looking for work from home jobs:


For a writer, blogging is the best way to improve his writing and build a portfolio. You can start a blog about a subject you are passionate about. If that’s difficult, start writing about something that you want to learn. The idea is to learn and share your progress and understanding in the form of a blog. Even, if that sounds elusive, maintain a daily journal.  Just starting a blog is not enough. You should make an effort in building a community or a subscriber base.

Content Writing

Another popular career option in the digital era is that of a content writer. You may have seen many companies hiring content writers. Others hire freelance content writers who can work from home and deliver write-ups daily. As a content writer, you are assigned a topic or theme and you have to write on that topic keeping inline the style and writing guidelines suggested by your client. Many e-commerce companies and software firms need content writers who can write product descriptions, software details such as user manuals, help text, guides…etc.

Copy Writing

Precise, to the point and engaging, that’s what you are supposed to do as a copywriter. It is an exciting career choice but one that needs wit, warmth, and understanding of language. This field is linked with marketing or advertising, where a copywriter has to come up with jingles, tag lines for advertising or PR campaigns as required by your client or organisation you work for. The idea is to increase brand awareness and attract more people towards the product or brand you are working for using your writing skills.

Script Writing

At a time when the digital world is moving from text to audio and video, scriptwriting is an important skill that’s in demand. As a scriptwriter, you are supposed to be creative and imaginative. You are required to come up with interesting and entertaining ideas to keep your target audience engaged. Scriptwriters are required to write a script for a radio spot, a television advertisement or a YouTube video.

Digital Marketing

Today, almost every business has an online presence and that has fueled the demand for digital marketers. If a digital marketer has writing skills, it’s an added advantage. Moreover, writers are required to in a digital agency. If you are a writer keen on becoming a digital marketer, you need to know about SEO, SMO, e-mail marketing and Google AdWords.


Writing is among the best freelance job options. To become a freelance writer, you may have to adapt your writing style according to your clients’ needs. Keeping deadlines is an important element of a freelancing job. As a freelance writer, your responsibilities may include building up the website content and managing social media platforms among others.

These are some of the best online jobs from home for writers. Are you ready to work from home?

Looking for work from home jobs? Here are a few options:

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