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5 millionaires who have failed early in their career

5 millionaires who have failed early in their career

Dealing with rejection is part and parcel of every job and happens to the best of us. Some of the world’s most successful and influential people have all experienced failure at some point, and often more than once. It is bouncing back from the rejection and overcoming it that sets them apart from others. And while it’s easy to be consumed by this, it’s important that you don’t let it impact your confidence. If it’s about job rejection or job loss, here are some things you can do while waiting for the next big opportunity.

But if you’re still struggling to come to terms with the disappointment, look at this list of heavyweights who successfully overcame failure early in the careers:

Steve Jobs – The story of Apple’s founder getting ousted from his own company and returning shortly after is the stuff of legends. After the company went public in 1981, Jobs hired John Sculley, the head of Pepsi-Cola, to be the new CEO. Soon after, the two were embroiled in a power struggle, and the boarded sided with Sculley, removing Jobs from his role at Apple. Then in 1996, Jobs sold NeXT Software to Apple and soon returned to the company as advisor and eventually CEO, going on to create some of the best products in the tech business.

Richard Branson – If Richard Branson can, anyone can. The high-flying CEO of Virgin never completed high school because he was dyslexic and struggled with academic performance. Instead, Branson used his dyslexia to his advantage, learning about his disability and adapting his management style to it. Branson credits the condition with making him a better communicator, delegator and negotiator.

Soichiro Honda – The Honda founder initially applied for an engineering job at Toyota, but was turned down. Down but not out, Honda used his time to make scooters at home, which he sold to neighbours. When the time was right and with the support of his family, he launched Honda, which quickly became one of the largest automobile companies in the world.

Akio Morito – The founder of Sony first started a company that sold rice cookers, but the products mostly produced either overcooked or undercooked rice, and ended up selling less than 100 units. The failed attempt quickly put Morito out of business, but did little to dampen his spirits. A few years later, he launched a radio repair business called Sony that went on to become a multi-billion dollar business.

J.K Rowling – Jobless, divorced and as a single mum suffering from depression, J.K Rowling had it rough in her early years. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, Rowling decided to write a fantasy series that went on to sell 400 million copies, becoming the best-selling book series in all time.

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