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4 Things You Should Include in Your Job Interview ‘Thank You Note’

4 things to say in your post-interview thank you note
Contrary to popular beliefs, your job interview process does not end when you step out the interview room. In fact, what separates a smart candidate from an average is their post-interview thank you email. How you craft your email can potentially make or break your chances at nailing the job.

Don’t write your interview thank you note for the sake of saying thank you. A successful note builds on the interview by highlighting what you can offer, in addition to what was discussed. It also condenses everything that has been touched on in one email for your interviewer to look back on.

When crafting your thank you note, be sure you’re not missing out on the following:

All your interviewers’ names
This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’ll be surprised how often candidates get carried away interacting with just one of the multiple interviewers sitting in the same room.

The biggest decision makers often may not actually be the one you talk the most to, but the oft-forgotten party quietly observing the exchange from the side.

When you address everyone in your email, you show that you acknowledge and appreciate their presence.

Maintain your interest in the position
Everyone who came through the door has displayed a certain level of interest for the same position applied for. How can you show the interview this role is ideal for you?

Consider possible pain points your interviewers have highlighted in your interview, and share ideas or solutions from your experience and understanding.

This all definitely carries more weight than simply throwing the predictable “I’m interested in this position!” around.

Reiterate skills, accomplishment, experience
You have included your skill sets and experience in your job application, and touched on them during your job interview, surely your hiring manager is familiar with them.

Wrong – no one reads or hears everything in detail, and your recruiters are no exception.

Recruiters have to go through thousands of resumes and meet multiple candidates in a day. So, in your thank you email, mention everything relevant to the position you have applied for, and explain why you’re the best fit for the position to stand out from other candidates.

Expand on your interview answers
Do take this chance to supplement your answers from your earlier interview, especially if there is information you want the company to know.

It’s advisable to send your thank you note within 24 hours of the interview. But don’t panic if you don’t hear back immediately. Feel free to follow up with a status check when enough time has passed.

Good luck!


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