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Business development executive Opening and Vacancy

Business Development Executive Jobs are for those candidates who are ready and willing to take on the task of helping the business grow. They are thus suited to be high-level sales professionals. Candidates wishing to take on the job of a business development executive should gear up to acquire new customers as well as sell additional goods or services to the ones who are already loyal to them. A business development executive also has to look into pitching products and/or services as well as maintaining meaningful relationships with existing customers. Apart from this, the candidate will have to research not just companies but also individuals who are available online so that s/he may be able to identify new leads and potential new markets. Identifying the needs of other organizations is also a skill that should be present in the aspirant. S/he will also need to know who makes decisions about purchasing. Planning and overseeing new marketing initiatives along with attending conferences, meetings, and industry events is also the KRA of a business development executive. With a knack of preparing PowerPoint presentations and sales displays, the candidate should be adept at developing quotes and proposals too. Taking care of sales goals for the team and ensuring they are met also falls under the purview of the aspirant who wants to take on the role of a business development executive.

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