Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions as described below applies to both you and Monster concerning access to Monster Aspire platform and participation in virtual career fair to be conducted by Monster.

Monster Aspire Platform:

Monster Aspire platform is an online assessment platform that provides opportunities for students, candidates and professionals alike to upskill and level up on their quest to find their dream job. The platform has multiple categories of assessments that are conducted which includes but not limited to Aptitude test, AI enabled coding simulation, Technical MCQ test, Behavioral Assessment, Domain MCQ, Language simulation, etc.

The participants are graded solely based on their performance in their respective tests and have the opportunity to participate in the exclusive virtual career fair based on their scores in the tests. The monthly leaderboard will have top scorers of that specific month on the basis of performance and Monster’s decision shall be final regarding which participant and basis which criteria the participants will make themselves to the leaderboard.

The test scores of participants will be shared with employers who are looking to hire new talents for the job positions which the employers are searching to fill up. The latest score of the deserving participant at the time of employer requirement for the positions will be shared with them. Monster’s decision shall be final and binding on the score that will be shared with the employers and participants would be notified of this and will be allowed to retake the test only in exceptional scenarios at the sole discretion of Monster.

Access to Monster Aspire platform:

The platform is accessible to participants only after registration of the participants with the platform with all relevant desired details required in the registration form which are filled by the participants on the platform shall be deemed to be accurate and valid. Monster at its sole discretion reserves the rights to reject the participants and their profiles having regard to the incorrect, non-valid information at any given point in time. The participants are prohibited and forbidden from creating multiple profiles to avail the benefit of any of the discounts as may be available on any of the services on the platform. In case of such scenarios both the active and duplicate profiles will be removed permanently from the platform without any notice and without giving any reason thereof and there shall be no refund on any services or account, if any paid thereof by the participants .

The participant must be 18 years of age or older at the time of registration. Only scores of those participants who are eligible for employment at the time of open positions will be shared with the employers on any request raised by employers.

Content on Monster Aspire platform:

Monster has the right to set, maintain, delete and change the content, degree of difficulty in each of the tests on the platform. The decision on scoring criteria of the participants and sharing of these scores with employers as per the difficulty level of the tests at any given point of time will be conducted solely by Monster.

At any given point of time the participants are prohibited and forbidden from sharing the content in any form to anyone. Monster reserves the right to take down and not to consider the participants, who are found minors.


It’s the joint responsibility of the participants and Monster on maintaining the confidentiality of their Monster profile, password and test score details.

Monster will not share any of the confidential information with anyone except the employers who’re looking to hire candidates for their open job positions that match with the participants.

Participants hereby agree and consent to share their personal information/other relevant information to the employers for the purpose of prospective job opportunities.

Virtual Career Fair:

The participants who are have registered to the Monster’s virtual career fair platform will be given credentials to the VCF platform. The timing and the schedule for the VCF will be shared with the participants as per schedule timely.

Please note Monster doesn’t guarantee interviews or jobs. These decisions are taken solely by the employer after evaluating your profile and eligibility against the open job positions.

Participant need not to pay anything for any interviews or jobs.

Courts at Bangalore shall have the exclusive jurisdiction

In case of any questions and concerns reach out for help at info@monsterindia.com

Updated effective- 18th Oct 2021