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Architecture Opening and Vacancy

Planning to build something beautiful? Go on and do it right away because the world needs great architects. As an architect, you will be required to plan and design houses, factories, office buildings, and other structures. And for doing that, you will need to meet up with clients to identify as well as define the idea and requirements for structures. Giving initial estimates related to costs and construction duration will be part of your core responsibilities. Your job will also entail the preparation of structural specifications. If you have a team reporting to you, you will need to inspect their drawings and documents and direct them to precision. Scaled drawings either undertaken manually or with the aid of a computer will also be part of your KRA. Contractual documents drawn for building contractors and their management will also be part of your responsibility. Visiting worksites and making sure that the construction is as per plan and adhering to it is also your lookout. Apart from this, you will also need to scout for new work by making presentations and doing some bit of marketing to make yourself known.  A bachelor's degree in architecture is a must and a master’s degree in architecture will only add to your profile positively.

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