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VSkills Certifications Exam : About VSkills | Testimonials | VSkills in Media | How it works

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Vskills is a "skills testing" and certification exam by - ICSIL, a JV of TCIL, A Govt of India Undertaking and DSIIDC, A Govt of NCT Delhi Undertaking. ICSIL is one of the largest manpower companies of the government of Delhi. VSkills certifications help candidates prove their skills in a particular domain that are valued by the employers. CVs of certified candidates are shared with matching organizations, and are highlighted as "Vskills certified" in Monster job seeker listing as well.

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Accounting, Banking and Finance
Office Skills
Foreign Trade
Information Technology
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Life Skills
Human Resources
Real Estate
Accounting, Banking and Finance
Certified Business Accountant VS-1015
Certified Treasury Markets Professional VS-1016
Certified Foreign Exchange Professional VS-1001
Certified Tally 9.0 Professional VS-1037
Certified Commercial Banker VS-1038
Certified Hedge Fund Manager VS-1039
Certified Wealth Manager VS-1040
Certified Merger and Acquisition Analyst VS-1005
Certified Equity Research Analyst VS-1010
Certified Technical Analyst VS-1009