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Portfolio Manager CV Pune & Ahmednagar

Keywords / Skills : trigger, MIS

Posted: 12th Aug 2017

Sales/ Business Development
Business Development Manager
Posted On
12th Aug 2017
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Job Description
Job Description

1: Job Purpose Statement (Summarise in one/two statements why this job exists and the contribution makes to the overall business of the company).
? Identifies and helps to develop relationships with Dealers and potential customers to develop Commercial Vehicle Business.
? Leads development of new business opportunities that support the overall growth strategy of Commercial Vehicle Bussiness.
? Manages teams to implement business development initiatives.
? To maintain amicable relation with Transporter and Industrial Business Client of Commercial Vehicle Business.
2: Duties & Responsibilities ( List in the order of importance the duties & responsibilities of this job)
? Responsible for Business Development for CV finance in open market.
? Working in close tandem with dealership to understand the profile of customers being sourced, hence informing customers/ dealerships on the documentary needs, tentative rates to be offered, LTV and procedure of body funding(if any) as per policy approved.
? Initiate reference checks for customer and CIBIL check
? Prepare deal forwarding sheet and CADD( Customer Acquisition Due Diligence) for the customer and forwarding the same to State Credit Officer (SCO)
? Ensuring the physical file reaches SCO with minimal pendencies to facilitate faster turnaround time (TAT) in processing deals
? Coordinating with SCO (also escalations, in case the approval is in limits of ZCM, PH and above), MNAL employee, dealer and customer to resolve queries/ pendencies in file.
? Releasing Delivery order to dealer as soon as case is approved.
? MIS reporting
? Sanction letter given to the dealer in case the proposal is urgent and verbal approval has been taken from SCO’s and above.
? At the end of the month, sharing the rejection tracker to facilitate learning and minimising waste of time in future.
? Prepare first cut CA for large deals where the approval for particular limit for the customer for entire year is prepared in one go.
? Coordinating with key customers and financers in the market to update self on market dynamics and emerging trends on LTV, segment performance and schemes in the market and share the same for better monitoring of market.
? Tracking portfolio of cases being funded to check its health and share the same with dealer in case of delays in EMI’s other repayment issues.
? Collecting PDD’s from customer/ dealer and updating in system, in case of increase in PDD pendencies, highlight the same well before trigger breach.
? Suggest changes in policy depending on market dynamics and local conditions.
3: Organisational Relationship (Provide an organisational chart which illustrates the organisational structure above and below this position).
4: Key Challenges (List the key tasks performed to support the main objectives of the position).
? Maintaining good relation with dealers
? Maintaining team productivity as per defined productivity mix
? Maintaining TAT in terms of Disbursement of CV Business
? Customer Satisfaction
? Negotiating with critical customers
? Implementing new policies and plans
5: Decision Making Authority ( Describes the type of decisions made alone, those on which the manager must be consulted, those referred to a higher level, and job procedures to be followed).
Functional Powers – supervising the team members productivity
Financial Powers - Deciding on the loan amount as per Policy guidelines. Providing discounted rates with proper approval of ABH / State Head.
Administrative powers – Preparation of customer file and follow up team
6: Job Requirements (Describe the educational requirements, suggested year and type of experience, nature and extent of skills/abilities required for the desired position).
? Industry Knowledge
? Product Knowledge
? Operational Knowledge
? Computer savvy
? Interpersonal skills
? Effective Communication
? Time management
? Initiative and Enterprise
? Negotiating Skills
? Attention to details
? Self Motivated
? Team Player
? Customer Focus
? Customer orientation
? Execution excellence
Company Description
With a leading finance company ,Comments
Graduate with 3-5years of work experience/MBA with 2years of work experience
Key Skill(s)

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