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Career Astrology
Success in career is all about using your potential to the best of your ability. But, how well do you know yourself? What are you innate strengths? How well do you relate to people? Are you meant to fly high as a Pilot but struggling in the role of an Accountant?

Career SWOT Analysis is an unique service that harnesses the power of Vedic Astrology to show you the path to success in your career or profession.

The Report, written by a group of renowned Astrologers includes the following:

  a. Your personality and your attitude towards work (karma);
  b. Your strengths in detail and a strategy to utilize the same;
  c. Your areas of weaknesses and simple ways to surmount them;
  d. Opportunities in the next 12 months that you are most likely to encounter, with tips on how to make the best of them;
  e. Threats that you are currently facing and are most likely to face in the next 12 months and strategies to overcome them;
  f. Auspicious times during the next 12 months to make the big career move you have been waiting for;
  g. Counseling Tips and Vedic Remedies to help you achieve great success with limited effort;
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Are you serious about making your career a success? Are you looking for a way to monitor and take action on a daily basis? Are you curious to know how your next week is going to be (objectively) without the fluff?

Did you know that our ancient sages used binary numbering system (0 and 1) to create a system of Astrology (called Ashtakvarga) just for the modern times?

We have mastered this technique and are pleased to bring you this ancient system in a simple to use AstroGraph for Career.

You can now see your career in the form of a Graph plotted for the next 30 days, with all the ups and downs clearly marked.

You can also receive AstroGraph for Career by way of a daily SMS.
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This report shows you within the next 12 months, if there is an indication of any of the following:
  a. Change of Career  shifting from one industry to another or one function to another.
  b. Change of Job . Potential for changing your Job Profile within a company or in another company . along with change in your income and working environment.
  c. Month-by-Month Analysis . Overall analysis of the next 12 months along with month-by-month analysis of what to expect in your career.
  d. Major Planetary changes . Major changes to the planetary position affecting you during the next 12 months.

The report requires Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth.

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Please note that we are only providing your resume to the recruitment consultants. Neither do we have any tie up with these recruitment consultants nor provide assurance of job offers.
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